Role: Rogue Damage

The female witch and the male warlock have an arsenal of dark sorcery at their disposal: terrible curses, frightening creatures, mysterious potions and, of course, their trusty broom, which acts as both a powerful weapon and a means of transportation.

A Warlock or Witch bring their damage in the form of sustained dps and consumable burst. Their primary means of damage is through applying debuffs on their primary targets, and then having the ability to spread the debuffs/damage to other foes around the main target. In conjunction with this, they have potent single target damage and area spread damage, the Warlock has the ability to consume their dots to provide burst dps when needed or required. In addition to their damaging capabilities, they have the ability to crowd control enemies very well as in addition to reducing the overall effectiveness of the enemies actions. However, although they have the capability to bring many benefits to a group and excel in solo play, they are quite fragile and require proper skill management and stance dancing to be the most effective in combat.


Staff Edit

Witches and Warlocks uses a Staff as their main weapon.

Talisman Edit

In their additional weapon slot, Witches and Warlocks carry a Talisman.

Abilities and TalentsEdit

Icon Name
Witch Curse Stance
TaintII Taint II
TaintII Triple Taint
Epidemic Epidemic
Transform Transform
MurderofCrows Murder of Crows
Aging Aging
DarkRitual Dark Ritual
Witch Transformation Transformation
Bewitch Bewitch
EnvoysofTaint Envoys of Taint
BlackPanthers Black Panthers
BlackCats Black Cats
VolatileCurse Volatile Curse
EvilEye Evil Eye
Witch Extermination Stance
KillerCrows Killer Crows
ExplosionofDarkness Explosion of Darkness
Extermination Extermination
LivingHelper Living Helper
RingofFire Ring of Fire
WitchFire Witch Fire
Witch Ultimate
RacketofCrows Racket of Crows
Witch Finisher
ProvenRemedy Proven Remedy
Icon Name
Witch Transformation Dark Lot
MurderofCrows Witch Circles
WitchFinisher Dark Pact
DarkTimes Dark Times
LivingHelper Family Broom
WitchFire Enclosing Darkness
KillerCrows Art of Killing
Witch Transformation Master of Transformation
Bewitch Enchantment
Wither It Is No Fun Getting Old
Icon Name
BlackPanthers Sharp Claws
EvilEye False Rumors
ExplosionofDarkness Sudden Death
EvilEye Devilry
Epidemic Plague Wind
FlyingonaBroom Flying on a Broom
Epidemic Terrifying Swarm
NinthLife Ninth Life
LivingHelper Marsh Slime
BirdApocalypse Bird Apocalypse



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