"The Immortal of Copy Editing - Xanadu."

Hi, my name is Xanadu - based off the DC Comics character Madame Xanadu. I am your semi-normal, fanatical gamer who enjoys all things insane... and coherent. Some of my favorite hobbies lie in fields of reading, writing, gaming. I joined the world of Wiki quite some time ago, but I only did freelance work as a 'copy editor' of sorts for multiple wikis. Mostly, page creators would ask for a hand in molding some of the information & grammar, but sometimes I would get asked to sift through copyedit categories. Thing is, though, I actually like copy editing.

Considering that Skyforge is still in its very fresh estate of being a relatively new game, I figure there is a lot to cover and I am here to help.

I am currently working on any and all content regarding Skyforge, but would like to focus on all things Witch/Warlock. But, occasionally, you'll find me peaking into many, many other threads.

My favorite pages[edit | edit source]

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