A trophy is a piece of equipment that enhances an Immortal's power against specific armies. Each Trophy increases the damage that the Immortal does to an Army and also against a single enemy type of that army. Trophies are gathered in fragments from defeating enemies and each army drops a trophy fragment for their specific army type. It takes one hundred trophy fragments to create a trophy. Immortals will start to earn trophy fragments when they participate in areas and adventures greater than eight thousand prestige.

Army TypesEdit


Additional bonus to damage against the Army Class

3/6/9/12/X % Damage bonus against the army.

3 % Second Critical damage bonus.

3 % Bonus to support aura damage.

3 % Damage to target with more than 50% health.

1 % Damage Reduction.

1.8 % Double impulse damage bonus.

Q: Came here looking for advice on what the different bonuses do that are slightly vague: "Second Critical damage bonus" and "Bonus to support Aura Damage" for example.  Is second critical damage bonus mean when you crit, you hit crit twice 3% of the time? or is it a second crit roll/chance to crit where every attack has a 3% chance to crit? or is effectively just 103% crit damage?  What does Bonus to Support Aura damage do?  Is Support Aura's a character ability or a mob type or what?  

A: I don't have a trophy unlocked yet, but it seems like it's those stats near the bottom of the statlist. If you mouse over those in your stats they give some explanation about what they do. If you press 'k' or 'b' it should be the foldout menu on the right.

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