• Well since you removed the thread, and just after I replied ;_;, I would still like to express my opinion on the matter.

    I simply think there should be a single page for each enemy type. For Example a page about the Scissor Mender enemy would show the type of Enemy it is and what abilities it has since they do not change between the multiple locations it can be found. This information could also be displayed in a tooltip. The locations it can be found should remain on its main page however. Health is something I stated before does not need to be located in the template as it changes based on the prestige.

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    • I didn't see any replies and it was recently discussed in the skype group that I had previously invited you to, so I removed the thread.  The main concern was that around 300 'placeholder' pages were created in just a few days which is going to kill us in SEO and make for angry players who find empty pages. Most of them had no more information than {{NPC infobox}} . Tooltips are one thing but those pages were not created to be tooltips. Make a page, fill it out. 

      We are working out how to display mobs and how much room to give them. We don't feel that that every version of the same mob needs a page, when their abilities change according to their current roll in that group. A winged warrior might be a minion in 'this' group but hes a 'defense' that group, so you would need to explain each of it's possible roles and how it plays them. 

      Feel free to leave any further opinions here and I will pass them along to the group for further consideration.  Thanks!!

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    • I haven't found enemies filling multiple roles in any of the adventures with the same name. Thus far all the Adventure type creatures I've encountered that have the same name, have the same abilities. I'll review Lanber Forest for the rest of the Mantide types there, but I would assume there is a difference between Region and Adventure at this point.

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    • Thais Temple has Icy Abyss Khelp that function as different roles from DPS to controller (inside the adventure) to Tank (outside the adventure). Same model, different abilities, different hp values that make the tank version (of course) hardier than its counterparts. 

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    • Good example

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    • As far as Adventures go, the strategy and mob list should explain the encounters with enough detail to get through it without having to create new pages for everything IN it. I have no issues with Bosses having thier own pages as their abilities do not change, only their difficulty. 

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    • But if you are going to create a Boss page, it needs more than {{Npc infobox}} in it which was the exact contents of Merciless Astara. 

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      This is what we'd like to have in terms of content for mobs, but since this is nigh impossible with the amount of small mob information + mob duplicate usage, it won't be a viable choice.

      Placeholder pages with less info than a tooltip page hurt us, so they will be deleted unless they plan to be filled ASAP after creation. 

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    • I'll review Thais then very quickly. The Winger creatures in Kyris match Lanber Catacombs in terms of names and use. Two of the Mantides in Lanber forest function the same as their counterparts in Lanber Catacombs as well. I don't really mind on the deletion of the base pages, I'm more worried about putting other information in. Here is the table with basics of the Lanber Forest Mobs:

      Winger Poisoner Absorbs health
      Winger Assassin Charged shot
      Winger Vampire
      Hemofly - Swarm Queen
      Winger-Vampire Charged Shot
      Winger Drone
      Winger Eggs When destroyed, occasionally summons Winger-Vampires
      Winger Henchmen
      Aswang Fighter Charged sword slam
      Feverus - Swarm King
      Aswang Oppressor charged sword swipe with dot
      Winger Torturer Absorbs health
      Winger Flayer
      Nagurus - Swarm King
      Orimid - Enslaved Hero
      Aswang Desecrator Charged sword attack
      Aswang Servant
      Mantide Priestess Applies buff to other mobs that reflects damage?
      Aswang Executioner Charged Sword Slam
      Subjagator Hive Summons Midges
      Summoned Midge Summoned Pack type
      Winger Patroller
      Winger Lookout Charged shot ability
      Mantide Enchantress Has the damage absorb and release ability
      Winger Protector
      Mantide Guard Has the dot that puts a bubble around the target then confuses after
      Blooded Sangerish - Clan Leader

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    • If it is such a driving point, we can just do both- really. But there is one single caveat that I would demand that had to be followed.

      These pages have to be quality.

      These are not supposed to be tooltip pages, so they cannot and should not function like one in terms of content. 

      And, (I guess 2 caveats) no place holders.

      Also, your list assumes that there are no different usages of the mob with a different role. Until this can be fully confirmed (we are asking staff), the final decision will wait.

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    • Actually what I posted there is what they do in Lanber Forest. The Mantide Enchantress has the same role in Lanber Catacombs and has the same abilities. In adventures, and not open world areas, they have the same abilities. I can only prove that in adventures however. In open world areas, they change the name of the enemy several times to fit the different areas, as shown above in the table with the Winger Pack types. Eskenian Peninsula does this to a more limited degree as the demons in the area that actually have the same names also have the same abilities. This may be to some degree a fault in the developers as the creatures in Avesten Tower only have basic names assigned to them as well.

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    • Double checking on the Icy Abyss Khelp, as I went through Thais I did find the Roaring Waves Khelp and Icy Abyss Khelp, but they matched their Port Naori and Naori Island counterparts in name and terms of ability. If you wanted to reduce the multiple types of Khelp to a single page, at the point the question becomes searching for the various types of Khelp. Would redirects of the dozens of possible names simply suffice as a fix for that?

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    • As Monsieur Xanadu mentioned. we will pass some ideas and questions regarding mobs/types/family/army/abilities/roles  though Skyforge staff members (most likely Monday if not before) and get some solid information regarding their locations and roles throughout the game as it currently exists. As for the pages already created, while I started out deleting the empty placeholders, I have since changed to redirecting them. This way they still exist but are less of an immediate issue. 

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    • Pages like Vird Attacker with at least a decent amount of information will remain. I will not take that away from the editors. If this mob turns out to play multiple roles, then those roles can be added to the page. It will still exist on whatever page (most likely Vird or Reapers of Death) we settle on in whatever format we decide on (table probably with others of it's kind) but will have a link included to this page. The empty placeholders will continue to be turned into redirects for now until a contributor comes with enough information to make a separate page plausible. As for your table, does that exist anywhere now? If we get the information on it verified, it may prove useful on the Lanber Forest article. My main concern is how it appears on mobile devices but it looks good in your reply.

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    • The only other place it exists is on my sandbox where I try and keep notes. I simply made that table as a quick way to make notes on the enemies in that area since I went to verify if any of them had the same names as enemies in the adventures. I followed a similar fashion on Factory 501 and other dungeon pages I have worked on since there has not been a styling guide made on them.

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    • uh oh, I am the guy who did the "300 placeholder", well actually I did 109 circa no idea about others

      I was stupid I should have thought to go on admin wall first.

      I rewrite here and better, I just wanted to help, not causing any harm to the wiki.

      the principal problem, sadly, has begun after the update to the Npc template Infobox,

      for some reason it broken for me and gave me the return message: "this template has no field to edit" example:( (I even left a message in the main talk page)

      as I thought Initially, there was probably a problem in the template format, but the wikia is active. it will eventually get fixed. the soon it get fixed the soon I edit the pages. probably a matter of days. so I made the pages

      but then, I noticed that other users of the wikia could use template perfectly while just I cant. any template don't work for me. 

      I even went to wikia staff asking for support but they could not help.  so a that point I stopped.

      I want to add that I totally share the "not multiple pages for the same exact mobs" as I followed it and the only exception I make to this Is "carrion berserker" because the wide amount of traits that characterized these two mobs.

      I had also enlisted all mobs, despite the emptyness of the pages in the correct armies they belong, (there was a currently debates if the corret name army of mantides or aswang army on other wikias) and the correct family, I placed nor created categories for those I was not 100% sure about the problem. was only regard minor families mobs like, for example, the deers, aka "Ghal" that I was unsure if list them in it or simply leave them as category:creature and category:mapwheretheyappear

      I listed the "human" type mobs as "creatures" were "creatures" refer simply as the macrocategory tag to indicize all enemies of the game. and not because I thought "human" are "creatures" broadly :)  previus subcategories where:deserter,bandit, rebel etc...

      as now I will refrain to add pages as I don't want to cause any harm,

      plus you seem that the matter about categories is still high confused, even for you

      also i checked that even the edit i made that are perfectly correct where reverted back regardless, really if that template would work all those pages would be have filled by now T_T

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