• Can you get the Icons for the Enemies?

    Sword Type Enemy - Thug Triangle Eye - Enchanter Three Diamonds - Pack Shield - Crusher

    Also the Boss Icon?

    Once uploaded I'll make a quick template for their use.

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    • sure I will put them under Cateogry:Icon/Mob types. The triangle one is missing tho, so I will see if someone else can find and upload that one. 

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    • Template:Mob is now setup for easy use. I used the silver versions of the images since they're present, but if we do manage to snag the black and red versions let me know. The doc page of course displays the use. If more functionality is needed, just let me know and I'll update it.

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    • Updated Factory 501 with the use of the template. I've tried to keep most of the dungeons I've done in a similar style, but I'd like a second pass or two on it to make sure it looks proper.

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