• There is no reason for there to be a separate ultimate section when Frost Shackles and Radiant Aspect are the Ultimates of their respective classes. Same goes for the Finishers, it's easier to write (Finisher) or (Ultimate) after the skills. Rather than making a new sectiong for them.

    Edit: Those are just the ones I know about, but the same goes for the rest of the classes.

    "[insert ultimate name] (Ultimate)" rather that than having a new "skill" since there is no skill in game called Ultimate or a skill called Finisher, they have different names but they Finish or they are an Ultimate skill (usually because that skill also affects Bosses otherwise it wouldn't be an Ultimate skill.

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    • It's purely an aesthetic aspect the team enjoys.

      We use the term "Ultimate" because it is used by the and Allods team, as well as colloquially in the game. If I am a new user to Skyforge searching for the ultimate abilities for each class, this edit makes it both visually appealing and easy to find. 

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    • To be honest I found it confusing that you had 2 skills that were the exact same thing only difference is that one had the actual skill name and icon and the other had a term and an icon that is the class icon of that specific class. Which is why I had made that change, aesthetics is what confuses people in the first place.

      Especially aesthetics that aren't part of the game, part of the game as in it doesn't show it as the game would. Yes that specific skill is an Ultimate not a whole new skill, so writing (Ultimate) or (Finisher) next to the name of the skill would show which skill is what.

      Edit: I am see what you tried to do, but the 2 shaded table doesn't do you much good. Thats what confused me at first, in terms of coding writing a small word after the skill would be easier than making a whole new table or if you want you can write in the tooltip that it is also know as an ultimate/finisher.

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    • I've done extensive "polling" (let's call it) and no one seems to have an issue. I've brought in five brand new players (around 200 prestige in-game) and ask them about what they think about both versions. In all cases they preferred the version that is currently available as it was "cool looking" or "sticks out better". 

      The staff at the Wikia here, and the team also enjoy it so it will remain.

      Thank you for your concern though!

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    • For some reason I doubt that, but sure whatever floats your boat.

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    • A FANDOM user
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