• Wondering why you removed the information from the Class category and created a Classes Category. It left broken links in both the navigation and the content box. I fixed them but I dont see what the point was. 

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    • Just following the class naming conventions from

      Sometimes not easy to determine, but when I am in doubt, I look to WoWwiki. They are really good at this.

      Could not edit the nav and I forgot to leave a message. My bad.

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    • Interesting. We do not require our communites to follow the structure at Wikipedia as they are a seperate entity from Wikia, and allow our Admins on each wikia to set up their own conventions for naming categories (in this case, me). I was the one who set the structure for this community, and added the class category along with the class articles, so I was certainly concerned to see it altered unnecessarily and with no explanation. Thank you for clarifying.

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    • I am already back and fixing categories again. I already have plenty to do. IF you seriously need a site to copy from, do it from WildStar, not Wowwiki or Wikipedia. What this site needs is more content, not conflicts. Please consider contributing. If you have Skype, you are welcome to join the Skyforge wikia group. It's a chat group were editiors and Admins discuss concerns and changes. If you are not comfortable leaving your Skype name here, then let me know and I will email you. 

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    • I do not changes to make conflict, I simply love to organize.

      I added all the Category:<Class>_abilities and Category:<Class>_talents to the site on Friday. There were no other such categories at that point as far as I could see, not plural nor singular. Could you point me to the other Necromancer ability page?

      When joining this page had - and still has - a mix of singular and plural category and page names. I could only assume that there was no preference. If you have a certain way you want naming for pages and categories, you must convey that in some way to users. When I join a new wiki(a), unless otherwise is said, I will use the best practices from Wikipedia. They've had a while longer developing defacto wiki standards, which make things a lot easier when moving from wiki to wiki, if you follow them.

      As for Wildstar Wikia: Page name singular: Category name plural:


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    • I had checked the activity log and your user name was attached to the changes, so I could only assume you did them. If you change them please make sure you check "What Links Here" and fix anything you inadvertantly break. If you can't (because of rights ) let me know and I will fix them. I changed the class categories to be uniform, so should be ok for now. 

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    • A FANDOM user
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