• I asked Raylan13 to look at the Tooltips. He found we were missing a js script and it's working now. The tooltip diplays a link only on mobile which is perfectly fine. He restored your infobox but we still need to tweak it for use here. I would stick with your idea. 

    Also, any major changes need to be discussed with all involved, especially me, before they happen. I left a note on the thread concerning tabs. Warframe is on our list of broken things. You might take a look at the Destiny one. Recently revamped and a majority of it works with mobile. I would much rather have a site that was easy to use, easy to access from anywhere and a lot less complicated, than a site with tons of bells and unnessessary whistles. Right now we need content and a TON OF IT. That should be the priority. 

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    • Yeah, I basically figured anything that isn't at least somewhat mobile friendly will have to be scrapped. Mostly, I was trying to rip their table formats, because they look really nice and are close to what I want to use to mimic Skyforge's tooltip table format. :P (I'm online now! the abyssal nap started at a bad time)

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