Skyforge Thetin Rift entrance
There is an old pilgrimage path running through the Thetin Rift to one of the sanctuaries. Recently the Mantides have crawled out of some hidden caves and settled here. Though this path is used only by pilgrims, the threat must be eliminated. 

Thetin Rift is a 1-3 person group mission. It is outdoors in a moutainous region. Players will folllow a path downhill, killing strongs and minions. Minions are being summoned by a Winger Queen that will need to be killed. Players will need to kill three groups of Mantide Troops. Easier if the shield and controller are taken out first. There will be a second Winger Queen prior to reaching the boss. The boss is the Insatiable Cryptide. It will toss players in the air if caught and has a frontal channel inhale that it uses periodically. This boss can be easily kited and killed from range. 


Eliminate the Mantide Troops

Eliminate the Mantide Queen


Aswang Poisoner 

Awsang Executionor 

Aswang Guard 

Mantide Guard 

Winger Queen (strong, controller, easy to kill, summons minions) Insatiable Cryptide (boss)



Skyforge Livestream 5 Thetin Rift with the Lightbinder!

Skyforge Livestream 5 Thetin Rift with the Lightbinder!

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