Taron Power Station has been attacked. The locals were not strong enough to defend it. The immortals are needed.

Players will need to defend three reactor cores. These cores will be attacked by waves of Gorgonides and are destroyed fairly easily. Players will need to aggro the mobs and get them down as quickly as possible. The Sentry Mechanism is the only boss in the adventure and is a Hydra. It fire energy beams at the player(s) from all 6 heads that do considerable damage. It will also withdraw from the surface and attempt to capture players from underneath. Solo players will need to use the assigned key to get loose. Group members will be able to free each other.


Get to and defend all three cores Eliminate the Adamantite Hydra


Captures and immobilizes the selected enemy. You can release an ally from the Hydra's grip if you get close to it.
Out of each of its heads, the Hydra sends forth energy beams that deal considerable damage to all enemies within the area of effect.


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