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Sparks of Revelation are one of the many types of Sparks that are used to progress your Immortal. These Sparks are unique because only 600 can be obtained every week. You need to have unlocked the Divine Form to receive Sparks of Revelation.


These Sparks are used to unlock the Pink Nodes in the Ascension Atlas. Each Pink Node requires 300 Sparks of Revelation. Because only 600 can be obtained every week, only 2 pink nodes can be unlocked at a time.

How to obtain[]

  • By aquiring 18 Ether Resonator charges in Anomalies.
  • By aquiring 6 (or 3 if you have Premium) Ether Resonator charges in Anomalies we can get 200 spark, the quest is doable 3 times for 600 spark (1).
  • By win in 6 small battles you can get 200 spark, or 3 wins if you have Premium .

(1) Since the 6 November 2015 patch