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Sparks of Insight are the main ressource used to unlock nodes in the Ascension Atlas. There a three different types:

  • Spark of Destruction  - Used to unlock might and ability nodes. 
  • Spark of Creation  - Used to unlock stamina nodes.
  • Spark of Balance  - Used to unlock strength, spirit, valor, luck and symbol nodes.

How to obtain[edit | edit source]

  • Participating in dungeons that annotate one of the three types of Sparks as a reward.
  • Completing certain quests in Regions.
  • Reward from Reliquary.

Weekly Limit[edit | edit source]

The total weekly limit on Sparks of Insight increases the longer that Skyforge is played. Once the limit has been reached, an Immortal can no longer earn any of the three types of sparks and will instead receive the following:

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