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Sparks of Evolution is a type of spark that is used to progress your character.


Used to unlock any node that requires class sparks in any class atlas.

How to obtain[]

  • Dropped as loot when you play a class you do not own* or have all the nodes (skills and talents) in that class atlas.
    • Sometimes there will be special rewards on random dungeons and some of the rewards require you to play a certain class to obtain the reward (x2 or x3 bonus to the reward the dungeon displays) when this is required you are asked before entering the dungeon if you want to play as that class (and be forced to play solo) and you get most abilities that class offers during that dungeon even if you do not own the class. If you do not want to play that certain class you can play the one youre playing currently but you will not recieve the bonus rewards.
  • When running 5 men group mission, all spark gained on enemies are Evolution's one
    • Spark are given, even on trivial difficulty, using a low prestige to open it. One of the most common rushing is on Espilon as it's low prestige for opening it, 3 bosses, there are no anoying 4* trash enemies and 20K+ prestige character can solo it easily in 1*.
  • In PVP, in the reward bag there are some.
    • You can keep the bag for opening after the reset to avoid loosing spark if you are capped.
  • In Premium Mode, once you complete a Class' Atlas, these sparks drop instead of Class Sparks.
  • Some weekly missions propose 100 Evolution in special reward.
  • Some daily PVP missions give bonus Spark of Evolution at given time (like 18h-19h) but depends the events/servers
  • By charging an Ether Resonator in an Anomaly