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Role: Rogue.png Damage

Appearing out of thin air and disappearing just as quickly, a slayer can slip by undetected while leaving a trail of bodies in their wake. Their primary weapons are a pair of razor-sharp swords, but they possess other cards up their sleeves that can assist them in killing opponents or retreating if a fight gets too intense.


Twin Swords[]

The Slayer dual-wields a pair of Twin Swords. Gameplay wise, they are regarded as one item that is fitted in the main weapon slot.


In the additional weapon slot the Slayer carries his Shurikens.

Abilities and Talents[]

Icon Name
SlayerStance1.png Usual Stance
BasicAttack01.png Shady Strike
BasicAttack02.png Sudden Strike
BasicAttack03.png Double Strike
ShurikenToss.png Dance of Blades
ShurikenToss.png Steel Star
SpunStrikes.png Blade Vortex
SlashingSomersault.png Backflip
Ambush.png Backstab
Minefield.png Minefield
Drag.png Grapevine
CheatingAttempt02.png Complete Cloaking
Invisibility.png Shadow Cloaking
NinjaShadow.png Shadow
Drill.png Flight of the Shadow
DoomThrust.png Blood Harvest
WildStrike.png Swinging Chains
ShadyDeal01.png Aegis of Night
Bait.png Bait
RealmOfDarkness.png Shadowland
SmokeBomb.png Smoke Grenade
SlayerStance2.png Invisibility Mode
LurkingAttack.png Twilight Scourge
ChainOfBlinks.png Carnage
DeadlyLink.png Twilight Shackles
Remove.png Exit Invisibility
SlayerStance1.png Ultimate
UltimateAttack.png Flurry of Blows
SlayerStance1.png Finisher
Icon Name
Gambling.png Killing Proficiency: Backstab
SuddenAmbush.png Sneak Attack
SlashingSomersault.png Cutthroat Fervor
Ambush.png Cold-Blooded Killer
SpunStrikes.png Jagged Blades
ShurikenToss.png Deadly Accuracy
Drag.png Thirst for Vengeance
Minefield.png Chain Reaction
Invisibility.png Surprise Effect
UltimateAttack.png Major Hatred
SmokeBomb.png Choking Smoke
Icon Name
Drill.png Blooded Marks
ShadyDeal.png Shadow Blessing
ShurikenToss.png Pain Spot Expert
WildStrike.png Stigma
DoomThrust.png Chain Murders
LurkingAttack.png Biting Whips
DeadlyLink.png Tight Shackles
ChainOfBlinks.png Fresh Scars
NinjaShadow.png Veiled Transition
Bait.png Thorny Shadow
RealmOfDarkness.png Abduction