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This page is an official guideline on Skyforge Wikia.

This guideline has acceptance among editors, and illustrates standards all users should consider.

This Manual of Style outlines standards for clean, consistent formatting for wiki content on Skyforge Wikia. This is a guideline and can be occasionally overridden where circumstances warrant it, and will never be perfect for every situation. Please when possible keep to the advice outlined in this article, so others may use your edits as an example for their own articles or sections.

These guidelines are a summary of the most important guidelines for the Skyforge Wikia. Additional help and guidance can be found on Wikipedia at Wikipedia Manual of Style.

This Manual of Style is currently under construction and discussion. Sections will be added here as quickly as possible. 

Article layout Edit

In wiki editing, one of the most important fundamentals is how to structure a wiki article. Structure is a powerful thing as it dictates the order and flow of the page, and can influence what people contribute, where it goes, and how it might be written. Structure has the equal power to confuse people just as bad writing does. A well structured article is more likely to maintain a high quality, long-lived page and source of information.

Wiki articles and pages are organized into sections, in a hierarchical structure similar to an outline. Wherever possible you should use a logical structure. Each section should start with an introduction, similar to the start of the article itself, and then have its own subsections below it if any.

Prefer using shallow structures over deep ones with many levels of sub-sections. Too many nested sections can lead to a overly confusing pages. See #Section headings for more info on writing section headings. Most importantly, keep your layouts consistent, within a page and across pages. The following manual of style sections will offer some good advice on keeping your articles clean, consistent, and clear. They are generally presented in the order in which they should appear in an article.

Conclusion Edit

Every article can be improved, even this one. Following these guidelines will not ensure a perfect article every time, but it will give the article most of what it needs to start, and will give readers familiar constructs to follow. It's ultimately the job of the editor to pull it all together, and in whatever way is the most reasonable for any given content. Go forth and be bold.

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