Number of players: 16

Number of players in team: 8  (this arena currently listed as a  10v10, so may vary)

Game mode: CP - Control Points

In this map, players will meet other players who have enough experience and practice in the previous two locations to move to more serious fights. The Ring of Immortals is a huge two-level stadium with enough room for two teams of 8 players.

There are control points on the map that the players must capture to gain points. If they capture only one control point, the points come in slowly; the more control points the team controls, the faster they receive points but the harder the points are to defend.

Determining which course of action is best for the player and their team is a choice the player will need to make. They can run straight to the enemy, focusing on killing them and preventing them from capturing any control points. Or they can capture as many points as possible and go on the defensive. Pay attention to the team and their abilities: players will need to use their strengths to quickly gain the required number of points and win the fight.



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