Prestige is the main indicator of character development or rank in the game. It is affected by newly unlocked classes, weapons, abilities, talents, equipment upgrades as well as many other things. After you reach a certain amount of prestige new adventures and content are regularly unlocked.

As your prestige grows, the enemy difficulty increases, region difficulty increases, and the size of the rewards. While at the first the characters receive only Sparks of Insight, later their adventures will earn them other new and valuable resources. Over time, more and more difficult tasks will become available to you, including massive guild activities with their own rules and prizes.

Might increases Prestige the most, followed by Spirit. Unfortunately Might gives minimal benefits and increases Prestige (and by extension, difficulty) too fast for some people. If you seek to reduce the amount of prestige you get and minimize difficulty, use items with blue or purple rarity and avoid using anything that gives too much Might, instead use items that give Strength (makes you stronger), Stamina (More health) and Luck (increase Critical Chance)

The 3 main factors of your Prestige are based on:

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