Premium subscription grants many bonuses to your account. Having a Premium account provides various advantages and will globally reduce the game time needed to reach your limits each week.

Full list of Premium benefits:

  • 200% Enhancement Stones, Credits, Ammo, Supplies and Holy Texts received.
  • 200% Class Sparks and development Sparks (Creation, Destruction, Balance, and Evolution) received.
  • 200% Celestial Threads and Sparks of Transformation received.
  • 200% Adept's Emblems, Symbols of Immortality and Champion's Seals received.
  • 200% Tactical Sense received.
  • 200% Knowledge gained from invasion Eidoses.
  • 200% Efficiency of Spark Replicators.
  • 200% Faster quest completion in Hostile Territories and Small Battles for Sparks of Revelation.
  • 150% Construction Resources and Victor's Medals gained from adept missions completed.
  • 125% Myrrh Drops for Credits donations to the Pantheon account.
  • Doubled amount of unique rarity equipment from Party (10-man) adventures.
  • Free teleportation between Uplink Terminals in Regions.
  • 50 Energy Modules granted daily.
  • Premium symbol next to your character name in game.
  • Premium status displayed on the Aelinet.

Premium Cost:

Premium 1


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