Sea Creatures have captured the port, impending the evacuation of civilians from Naori Island. Chase the monsters away so the people could get to safety.

Port Naori is a squad mission for 1-3 players


Solo, Squad


Difficulty Prestige
Star 1
StarStar 910
StarStarStar 1360
StarStarStarStar 2120
StarStarStarStarStar 3430
Crossbones 4570
CrossbonesCrossbones 5730
CrossbonesCrossbonesCrossbones 10010
CrossbonesCrossbonesCrossbonesCrossbones 16490
CrossbonesCrossbonesCrossbonesCrossbonesCrossbones 24960


  • Exit the Port Warehouse
  • Eliminate Ferocious Happo
  • Destroy the First Clutch of Eggs
  • Destroy the Second Clutch of Eggs
  • Destroy the Third Clutch of Eggs
  • Destroy the Fourth Clutch of Eggs
  • Eliminate the Khelp and Naiad from Nemida's

Personal Guard

  • Clear the landing for evacuation

Find 4 caches by the pier



Ferocious Happo is the first boss encountered in the adventure. He will switch between a berserk state where he glows red and does increased melee damage to a normal state where he will summon waves of water that do a large amount of damage in a wide line in front of himself.

This encounter begins with only Llurus visible to the Immortal. He will occasionally charge an electrical shot similar to the Roaring Waves Khelp. Once one of his health bars has been depleted, Aegira will emerge from the container in the encounter area and Llurus will gain a damage shield that reduces damage greatly. Once one of Aegira has had one of her health bars depleted, she will return to the crate and Llurus will lose his damage reduction. When Aegira has lost two health bars, she will begin to summon globes of water that fall from the sky and deal damage. These globes will leave a patch of water that does damage over time if an Immortal stands in it.


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