Role: Tank Tank

A paladin is a fearless tank with a wide range of offensive and defensive skills. They can be found in the heart of battle, crushing foes and protecting nearby allies. A fierce fighter up close, they call upon their Holy Powers to shield allies and engage enemies from afar.



The Paladin uses a Sword as their main weapon, which they use to deal vicious strikes in battle.


The Paladin has a Shield in their offhand which is used for defending against their enemies.

Abilities and TalentsEdit

Icon Name
Righteous Blow Righteous Blow
Punishing Blow Punishing Blow
Judicial Blow Judicial Blow
Justice Blade Justice Blade
Waves of Wrath Waves of Wrath
Seal of Light Seal of Light
Punishing Bolt Punishing Bolt
Celestial Shield I Celestial Shield I
Celestial Shield II Celestial Shield II
Aegis of Light Aegis of Light I
Aegis of Light II Aegis of Light II
HolyGround Holy Ground I
Holy Ground II Holy Ground II
Awe Onslaught I
OnslaughtII Onslaught II
Harsh Verdict Harsh Verdict
Massive Verdict Massive Verdict
Righteous Verdict Righteous Verdict
Waves of Anger Waves of Anger
Waves of Holiness Waves of Holiness
Divine Scourge Divine Scourge
Purification Purification
Simplified Paladin Ultimate
Radiant Aspect Radiant Aspect
Simplified Paladin Finisher
Justice Execution
Icon Name
Judicial Blow Zeal
Celestial Shield I Blame
Punishing Bolt Detachment
Celestial Shield II Heaven's Palm
OnslaughtII Frenzy
Justice Blade Determination
ShrineProtector Shrine Protector
Discharge Unshakable Faith
Harsh Verdict Conviction
Awe Awe
Icon Name
Justice Justice
Celestial Shield I Seal of Humility
Surge Surge
Sacrifice Sacrifice
Seal of Light Rage of Light
Celestial Shield I Unwavering Faith
Purification Devotion
Aegis of Light Luminance
Divine Scourge Retribution
Celestial Shield II Shattering Shield



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