Skyforge PVP 1

PVP is an acronym for player versus player. This type of gameplay is often held in war zones and battlefieds. Some games offer PVP servers for players who prefer open world player kills. Every player familiar with PvP has their own reasons for why they enjoy it. Some like to play with the numbers, optimizing their defensive and offensive powers and testing their builds against others, others prefer to collect unique trophies and gain bragging rights and some can’t imagine MMOs without team matches where it's all for one and one for all.

In Skyforge, the goal is to make the fights fair and only allow players to fight in designated areas and will rely on the matchmaking system. Since the game is primarily on a single server per region, is no specified PVP server.

There are two types of PVP in Skyforge. Single/small team and guild battles. Please see Pantheon Wars for more information on the latter.

Players can reach PvP locations in one of two ways: by using the Divine Observatory or an Uplink Terminal and selecting the Battles tab in the list of adventures. Some maps will be available to everyone from the start but access to some locations will require you to gain additional Prestige. In addition to being used to unlock some types of PvP content, the matching system takes both the player’s skill and their Prestige into account.

To master PvP you will need to be well aware of the combat roles and strengths and weaknesses of different classes, be capable of controlling and directing the fight and be prepared to face someone as skillful as you. You might also consider finding a good team for some locations, so you can devise a strategy and establish a set of tactical maneuvers. However, it’s not a requirement. If you enter a PvP location alone, the system will pick a team for you.

Rewards for PvP in Skyforge are similar to the rewards you receive for completing quests. Players have the freedom to decide how they want to spend their time on progression. Do you want to go on raids and adventures to get gear and prestige or do you want to gain them as you fight against other players? The choice is yours. In addition, the most active PvP players will be rewarded with exclusive equipment and additional perks, which give advantages in PvP battles.

Besides the material gains there is also recognition and acclaim: the best fighters will make it to the top of Skyforge PvP rankings. As there is a single server per region making the competition for the top positions fierce and just getting there won’t be enough – the player will have to fight to stay there. 

PVP Maps

Lugran Research Base

Kingezi Arena

Ring of Immortals

Alcedon Facility

Esten Quarry



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