Traitor Nerion that allied himself with Mantides must be punished. Goddess lanna calls in the immortals for help.


  • Help Ianna defeat Nerion


This adventure begins the moment players load into the room. Players will need to defend themselves immediately. In the center of the large room, Ianna and Nerion are having a battle. She will periodically command players to blind him, which they will be able to do using the space bar. During the battle there will be waves after waves of mobs of varying type that include Mantide, Human and Titans. As Ianna re-positions herself around Narion, she will place a cone shape blue telegraph on the ground in front of her. Players will have a short time to lure as many mobs into it as possible before she leashes a high damage lighting bolt across the area, killing weaker mobs and damaging stronger ones.

Players will also see a Mantide Torturer at some point during the fight. This Mantide empress will drain life force from Ianna and needs to be interrupted and destroyed by the immortals. The waves will continue until Nerion is defeated.


Mantide Torturer

  • Life Steal
When it appears on the battlefield, the Mantide drains life force out of lanna. The ability is interrupted if it sustains damage dealt by an Immortal. Ranged ability.
Cooldown: none. Activates when the battle starts.
  • Basic attack
Inflicts damage by energy blobs or by striking with its pincers. Ranged ability.
Cooldown: 3 seconds.

Nerion the Crown Bearing

  • Fiery Blow
Nerion strikes a mighty blow that creates a stream of fire. It spreads in a cone-shaped area, dealing significant damage to enemies.
  • Minions
The Crown Bearer has backup coming all the time. The fiercer the battle gets, the greater forces he summons to its aid.



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