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Debuff Timer for Lich Form


Role: Rogue.png Damage

A necromancer is a powerful sorcerer and master of death. Using dreadful spells, they're able to raise and summon horrifying undead creatures and use spells to deal damage at the sacrifice of life. They can even transform themselves into a powerful lich, gaining access to new necrotic abilities, that restore their health by syphoning it from their enemies.

Lich form transform mechanic

Lich form will automatically activate if the Necromancer were to die from an attack or health sacrifice. The cooldown on this mechanic is shown as a debuff that will start at 30 seconds and count down. Casting Lich form manually will trigger this debuff. While this debuff is active, the necromancer cannot manually transform either, but having it happen will not put manual Lich form on its 45 second cooldown. If the necromancer has zero Lich charge when he would die and the debuff is not on him, Lich form will occur with a 5 second duration. While in Lich form, the necromancer cannot die. If the debuff is not on the necromancer, the necromancer cannot be executed in PvP.

Lich Form for Necromancer

Lich transformation time

The duration of Lich form is equal to 5 seconds base + 1 second per 20% charge.

0 Charge = 5 Seconds

50 Charge = 7.5 Seconds

100 Charge = 10 Seconds



The Necromancer's main weapon is the two handed Scythe.


In the additional weapon slot the Necromancer has an Artifact.

Abilities & Talents[]

Icon Name
ComboA.png Ghostly Strike
ComboAA.png Plague Strike
ComboAAA.png Ritual Strike
UnholyInferno.png Hellfire
AbominableRecycling.png Plague
Defiled.png Cursed Land
WallOfSouls02.png Wall of Pain
WallOfSouls.png Wall of Souls
SkullThrow.png Skull Throw
Timeless.png Shadow of the Past
Banish.png Shield of the Banished
DemonicEmpowerment.png Possession
Scythe.png Rift of Horror
HellsPit.png Grave
WallOfGhouls.png Ghostly Flow
Necromancer.png Summoning Stance Abilities
SummonsOn.png Ghostly Allies
SummonSnakes.png Summon: Ghostly Vipers
SummonAswang.png Summon: Ghostly Mantide
SummonGhoul.png Summon: Ghostly Carrion
SummonsOff.png Cancel
Necromancer.png Lich Form Abilities
Lich.png Lich
PestilentNightmare.png Sickening Nightmare
ShadowVolley.png Volley of Darkness
Reaper.png Reaper's Sweep
Necromancer.png Finisher
MissingIcon.png Claws of Death
Icon Name
AbominableRecycling02.png Accelerated Decomposition
Necromancer.png Ancient Sorcery
Banish.png Barrier
ComboAAA.png Searing Pain
Defiled.png Cyclone
DemonicEmpowerment.png Ghostly Shroud
Finisher Necromancer.png Funeral Lament
HellsPit.png Cemetery
HealingEssence.png Fast Recovery
PestilentNightmare.png Blood Poisoning
Icon Name
Reaper.png Veil of Death
Scythe.png Torments of Hell
ShadowVolley.png Hungry Skulls
WallOfSouls02.png Wall of Flames
SummonSnakes.png Cursed Viper
SummonsOn.png Rigor
TimelessBarrier.png Beyond
UnholyInferno.png Ritual Fire
Necromancer.png Vampirism
WallOfSouls.png Veil of Oblivion