Role: Rogue Damage

Being of a martial order, a monk has mastered the discipline of body and mind. Wielding their staff,  a monk fight using several special stances, enabling them to perform dizzying acrobatic feats and deliver powerful blows against their enemies. Each stance is tailored to provide different advantages, and a monk will want to switch between them depending on what they are fighting. Earth stance is best suited when fighting a single foe, while fire stance is a better option when fighting several enemies. Wind stance provides maximum agility, allowing a monk to mitigate damage.



The Monk's main weapon is the Weightstone with clubs, blades, or spikes at both ends. 

Combat PoleEdit

In their additional weapon slot the Monk has equipped a Combat Pole.

Abilities and TalentsEdit

Icon Name
EarthStanceActivated Earth Stance
EarthStance Earth Stance
BasicAttack1 Bison's Attack
Onslaught Swinging Branches
FallingMountain Falling Mountain
FiveFingerStrike Stone Palm
LotosFist Lotus Strike
AscendingStrike Dragon Strike
FireStanceActivated Fire Stance
FireStance Fire Stance
BasicAttack2 Flint Strike
Flurry Salamander's Tail
DragonRage Dragon Rage
FanDefence Heart of a Phoenix
Scorch Scorching Strike
FlamingStaff Burning Staff
Tempest Spiral Attack
WindStanceActivated Wind Stance
WindStance Wind Stance
BasicAttack3 Air Strike
Gust Vortex Tangle
Squall Enraged Harpy
Gale Rapid Stream
BackWave Return Wave
WindFlaw Gust of Wind
FreedomOfTheWind Wind Catcher
Monk Other Abilities
CraneStep Pace of a Crane
Icon Name
StandGround Diamond Dust
Scorch Sear
WindStance Air Barrier
KnockoutPunch Knockout Punches
Gale Light as a Feather
FallingMountain Rock to the Head
DragonRage Rampage of Fire
WindStance Update
BasicAttack1 Ligament Injury
FlamingStaff Technique Mastery
Icon Name
BackWave Perishing Wind
Tempest Mighty Onslaught
DragonRage Gusty Wind
Scorch Fan Swing
Starstorm Major Bruises
Gale Powerful Gust
FallingMountain Stone Technique
Fatality Hardened Warrior
Snowstorm Air Shield
LotosFist Painful Impact



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