Missions are tasks that an Immortal assigns to their Adepts to assist the Immortal while they are performing other great deeds. Missions allow Adepts to gather more followers and items to help assist an Immortal in raising their overall Prestige. Missions regenerate every eight hours, but common missions can be refreshed at any time by spending Credits. Immortals can also accelerate missions to complete them immediately by spending Credits as well.

Mission Types[edit | edit source]

There are six types of missions related to improving your order. There are also missions related to Pantheons and to character missions.

Common Missions
Icon Type Reward Consumes
GatherMission.png Gathering Resources

supplies Supplies.png or ammunition Ammunition.png

FollowerMission.png Order Development

followers Followers.png and charms

supplies Supplies.png
GiftMission.png Combat Mission gifts Gifts.png supplies Supplies.png or ammunition Ammunition.png
Special Missions
Icon Type Reward Consumes
GuildMission.png Pantheon

construction resources
or energy modules EnergyModules.png and ammunition Ammunition.png

supplies Supplies.png or ammunition 
InvasionMission.png Invasion followers Followers.png, gifts Gifts.png and faith ammunition Ammunition.png


- supplies Supplies.png or ammunition Ammunition.png

All missions can be performed by any type of Adept to increase the chance of success of a mission. Some missions will specify a specific Adept Profession and if the correct type of Adept is used, it will increase the overall chance of success of a mission. Missions can also be affected by Modifier items that can be purchased from the Pantheon. Blue and Red mission types will require Supplies or Ammo in order to begin. Yellow mission types do not require any materials to be started.

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