Alchemist's are equipped with a portable alchemy laboratory, Manipulators and Extractor can spray acid and fire at enemies and inflict significant damage with their bladed claws.

Types Edit

Effect Icon
You can use Stimulant Injection on yourself, but it's duration and effectiveness will be reduced by 70/60/50/X %. StimulatorSelfBuff
The cooldown of Transformation is reduced by 5/10/15/15 seconds, and its duration is increased by 1/2.5/4/4 seconds. Chance to inflict Critical Damage with Monstrous Rage during Transformation is increased 1.5 times. Incoming Traumatic Damage during Transformation is additionally reduced 2 times. TransformationCooldown
Killing a pack enemy will give you 25/50/75/X catalysts; an ordinary enemy - 3 times as many; an elite enemy - 10 times as many; killing a champion - 20 times as many. ManaAfterKill
The cooldown of Stimulant Injection is reduced by 2/3/4/X seconds if Impulse Charge is activated. StimulatorCooldown
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