Role: Support Support

Harnessing the Power of Light, a lightbinder offers support by increasing their allies' damage and shielding them from incoming damage. When they direct their white hot anger at enemies, they can disrupt their formations and inflict great damage from afar.



A lightbinder uses a Pommel as their main weapon, which is used to harness the power of light.


By adding a Rod to the handle, a lightbinder can enhance their pommel. The rod is placed in the additional weapon slot.

Abilities and TalentsEdit

Icon Name
PulsatingFlare Pulsating Flare
FloodOfLight Burning Stream
PulsatingFlare Flood of Light
ParticleOfLight Particle of Light
ParticleOfLight Golden Sphere
SparksOfAnger Sparks of Anger
UnstableShield Unstable Shield
Starstorm Starstorm
Highlight Blessing of the Sun
LustrousShield Halo
WanderersRelic Wanderer's Relic
Radiance Radiance
GuardingSpark Starfury
PurgingAura Blessing of Tenacity
Wrath of the sun icon Wrath of the Sun
SacredBarrier Sacred Barrier
HyperNova Quasar
HyperNova Supernova
HyperNova Pulsar
GuardianOfLight01 Incarnation of Light
Simplified Lightbinder Ultimate
SunlightRepulse Rise and Shine
Simplified Lightbinder Finisher
MercifulBlow Merciful Blow
Icon Name
LucentFlare Sparks Power
Discharge Summit
AutoAttack1 (Lightbinder) Bright Flares
BrightRays Solar Breeze
HolyBash Power of the Sun
UltimateAegis Guardian's Gift
Radiance Piety
CuringPlayer Starpower
GuardingSpark Serenity
HinderingLight Rain of Fire
Icon Name
Focused Light icon Focused Light
PurgingAura Strength of Spirit
AvatarLightDamage Spirit of Light
Retaliation Captivating Light
LightAccelerator Guiding Star
HealingSurge Distorting Field
LightShaft Deflection
HyperNova Quasar Stabilization
Discharge Shining Fragments
SunlightRepulse Mystery of Rebirth



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