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Kingesi Arena is a player versus player arena where 2 teams of 3 are pitted against each other in a sudden death style setting.




A team must win 5 rounds to score a victory. You cannot be revived during a round. In order to join, you need to apply and wait for the teams to be formed.


Game mode: TDM - Team Deathmatch

The second PvP location is all about team combat. Two teams of three (formed in advance or random players picked by matchmaking) will battle and victory will go to the team that wins in five rounds and sends all opponents to the resurrection point.

The map requires coordinated teamwork. Who is moving forward, who is slowing down the enemy and who is going where - all of this should be clear to everyone on the team. An uncoordinated team will not fare well against a coordinated enemy.

The objects of interest are two angular platforms where bonuses appear. You can get to them by using the teleports in the center of the map. Access to bonuses make the center of the map the most likely meeting place for opponents. Collect bonuses but don’t forget your goal and rush ahead, leaving your team behind – it could lead to a lost round.

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