Role: Rogue Damage

A kinetic is able to manipulate energy thanks to their special gauntlets, enabling them to hurtle projectiles at enemies, surround allies in gravitational shields and control their movement on the battlefield by altering the gravitational fields around them.

The kinetic class focuses on burst damage, and is split primarily into two different play styles including Sledgehammer: a melee ability only accessible during PvP and the other is based on Stone Spear, a ranged ability only accessible during PvE.


Kinetic GlovesEdit

The Kinetic's main weapon are the Kinetic Gloves.

Reactor CoreEdit

The Kinetic's additional weapon is the Reactor Core.

Together they serve as a conduit and amplify the Kinetic's energy levels and gravitational control capabilities.

Abilities and TalentsEdit

Icon Name
KineticUsualStance Usual Stance
KineticPulse Demolition Charge
ExplosiveBond Explosive Bond
KineticPulse Kinetic Pulse
StoneProjectile Stone Projectile
StoneProjectile Single Stone
StoneBlast Stone Blast
EnergyWave Energy Wave
ExplosiveBond Enhanced Pulse
GravityAnomaly Gravity Anomaly
LuminousBurst Luminous Burst
Demolition Demolition
StoneBlast Stone Spear
Sledgehammer Sledgehammer
Tramping Tramping
GravityTrap Gravity Trap
Rockfall Rockfall
ChainGravitation Chain Gravitation
StoneWall Stone Wall
ProtectiveShield Protective Shield
QuantumCollapse Quantum Collapse
NeutronBlast Neutron Blast
Simplified Kinetic Ultimate
SeismicExplosion Seismic Explosion
Simplified Kinetic Finisher
Obliteration Obliteration
Icon Name
PlanarShift Quiescence
PlanarShift Planar Shift
Demolition Energy Overflow
ProtectiveShield Isolation
LuminousBurst Steamroller
QuantumCollapse Centrifuge
GravityAnomaly Increased Gravity
GravityAnomaly Sliding Vector
ChainGravitation Principle of Inertia
KineticPulse Painful Charge
Icon Name
Sledgehammer Bouncer
EnergyWave2 Ripple Effect
EnergyWave2 Zero Gravity
Rockfall Quantum Collapse
Rockfall Critical Mass
Tramping Loudmouth
StoneWall Abrasive
StoneBlast Railotron
OverloadStrike Overload
ProtectiveShield Protective Circuit




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