DUE TO MASSIVE OVERHAULS THROUGHOUT 2016, much of the information here, like needing resistances to enter invasions, is no longer valid. PLEASE UPDATE. Edit

All throughout Skyforge , players will encounter different species that have come to this world in the form of an 'Invasion'. Some of these creatures have been on the planet for a long time from invasions of eras past and will be remnants left behind. Some simply chose to stay. Player interaction with these creatures will be accomplished through normal gameplay via Region , Squad and Group adventures. On occasion however, Aelion will find their planet under a full force attack and will need to prepare themselves and fight back the opposing forces.

These invasions will generally be 14 days long, starting with 2 'warm-up" days of warnings and preparations. The avatar will not be available during this early phase. Over the following 12 days, players will have access to special 3, 5 and 10 man (raid) Adventures. These will vary in prestige and resistance required to enter them. More will become available as the invasion continues.

Near the end of the invasion, players will have the opportunity to take down the primary protagonist in the form of a Raid Boss. If at the end of the Invasion, the defense was considered successful, Aelion will fall into a Golden Age where all rewards will be increased for a time. If we fail, citizen moral will fall and a Dark Age will instead wash over the land. 

To participate in an Invasion, all players must meet one condition: 

Players may also complete Order missions for Energy Modules and slay enemies in the invasion activities for Knowledge of Invasions yeet



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