Herida is the Goddess advisor of the gods and immortals, standing as one of Aelion's Elder Gods. She is the first god you meet when you become an immortal, and acts as your divine aid when dealing with the fallen god Laertes. Being one of the very few Elder Gods of the planet, She has attained a vast amount of experience, wisdom and divine power, positioned among Aelion's highest acting gods. Herida's ascension is so great, that even when in her immortal form she glows with divine radiance and energy, a symbol of her authority among the gods.

There is of yet, no mention to how Herida became an immortal and why she stopped being a war psychologist. IT is known though, that it happened nearly 500 years before the player became one, and that she was mentored by Metharcus, the God of Magic, who teached her to keep her own humanity.

Due to her status as an Elder God, there no doubt Herida is a goddess whose power is not to be tested. She still tries to help some Immortals with psychological issues, like Castor.

Herida is located in the Divine Observatory. She is the main quest line giver and will also occasionally assign quest information received from the Argus system administrator. She will 'monitor' player's progress throughout the main story line.

She used to be a war psychologist before ascending to godhood. Her eyes glow pink. Her Nimbus is unique, being thiner and having two colors. She's over five hundred years old.