Skyforge Hall of Greatness - kinda

UPDATE (2/7/18): Hall/Tower of Greatness mechanics replaced by Cathedral & Order mechanics; below information no longer applies in-game.

The Hall of Greatness, also known as the Tower of Greatness, is the tallest building in all of Aelion, and is the place where followers gather to give praise to the Immortals and Gods they worship. When an Immortal reaches 2050 Prestige, they will be invited to the Hall of Greatness by the Master of Orders. It is then that an Immortal will be introduced to their first followers and be given a Statue in their likeness as a gift for all the great deeds that the Immortal has accomplished. As the Immortal raises their Prestige and Order rank, the surroundings and statue will change over time.

You start in the Bronze Hall, when you reach 7000 prestige, you unlock the Silver Hall. At 41,000 prestige you unlock the Gold Hall. At 150,000 prestige you unlock the Ruby Hall.

In the quest "Ancient Relic", you meet Ianna and Asterius at the top of the Tower of Greatness, a hall of black marble, at the edge of Aelion's atmosphere. There, the Elder Gods talk about their deepest secrets, and their top secret plans, which are usually only shared with the people that have a statue there.

WARNING: "Ascension" removed the Hall of Greatness, none of the information here is valid anymore.

Recruiting AdeptsEdit

Every day Adepts will gather around the statue of the Immortal in the Hall of Greatness to be recruited. When an Immortal approaches an Adept, they will display their skills, level, quality, and profession. When the Immortal interacts with the Adept, they will be given the option to recruit them to the Immortal's Order. The Adepts that can currently be recruited can be seen from the Order summary tab, but the Immortal must travel to the Hall of Greatness to actually recruit them.

Gifts from the FollowersEdit

Every day an Immortal will find gifts from their followers placed in a chest in front of their statue. These gifts can be claimed by approaching the chest and interacting with it.

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