Role: Rogue Damage

As long-ranged weapon's expert, a gunner tirelessly study and improve their weaponry, optimizing it for raining down chaos. Remorseless, they have no qualms about putting their destructive technology to use and blanket the battlefields with bullets, super-heated plasma and explosive rockets.


Hand Cannon Edit

A gunner's weapon is the Hand Cannon. It is a multi-purpose weapon which can be used in three different ways.

Machine gun
The start/default weapon mode is machine gun, which gives access to bullet abilities like Full Auto and Rapid Fire, and to incendiary abilities like Fire Blast. Most machine gun skills build heat, and once the heat bar is full (300/300), the machine gun skills become slower to execute as the gun has overheated.

Plasma rifle
The second mode is plasma rifle, which gives access to energy type attacks like Pulse Shot, Plasma Beam and Plasma Field. Most of these attacks consume - and require - the heat built up in machine gun mode.

Missile launcher
The third mode is missile launcher, an immobile stance which gives access to missile and mine attacks like Missile Salvo, Homing Guidance System and Mine Ring. All missile launcher attacks consume projectiles which slowly regenerate over time to a cap of 15 (20 with the Expanded Ammunition talent).

Cartridge Edit

In their additional weapon slot the Gunner can have a range of different Cartridges which gives the hand cannon different benefits.

Abilities and TalentsEdit

Icon Name
WeaponsStage03 Switching mode
Gunner01 Machine gun
FullAuto Full auto
RapidFire(Gunner) Rapid fire
FlameThrowerAoE Fire sector
FlameThrower Fire blast
Gunner03 Plasma rifle
PulseShot Pulse shot
BlueRay Plasma stream
ForceField Suppression field
ForceFieldAoE Plasma field
Gunner02 Missile launcher
MissileSalvo Missile salvo
HomingGuidanceSystem Homing guidance system
ProximityMine Mine ring
ProximityMine Mine barrage
Gunner Other abilities
SpecialProtocolRed Accelerated heat exchange
ContusionShells Contusion shells
LoadingMechanism Vulnerability scanner
TeleportBeacon Teleport beacon
PowerBarrier Power barrier
Gunner Ultimate
UltimaRatio Orbital strike
Gunner Finisher
GunnerFinisher&Talent Elimination
Icon Name
BlueRayAoE Residual charge
FullAuto Auto-aim
Defence Armor plates regeneration
FlameThrower Experimental fuel
Translocator Temporal duplicate
GunnerFinisher&Talent Entropic factor
PulseShot Momentum conservation
Recharge Chip of self-destruction
Attack Expanded ammunition
ForceField Eddy currents
Icon Name
PowerBarrier Multilayer barrier
WeaponsStage03 Stabilization module
SpreadMissiles Fractal shrapnel
ContusionShells Tracing charge
BlueRay Chain disintegrator
Spell04 Backlash
Control Tactical superiority
ProximityMine Spatial sensor
Cooldown Engineer Training
LoadingMechanism Prognostic Module



Skyforge - Gunner Gameplay Trailer-0

Skyforge - Gunner Gameplay Trailer-0

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