Flavius, the Mentor of Gods and the genius God of science, is an NPC that resides inside the Research Center. He appears as a hologram assume and is a main story quest giver as well as the trainer of immortals. He will be the NPC players talk to regaring class specific missions and any related training. On either side of him, players will locate the entrances to the Training Room where they can try out other classes or hone their own skills. 

Flavius rarely leaves his lab, unless he has a very good reason, like testing some new invention. He is the reason Aelion did a massive technological leap since the invasions started. He is described as being scatterbrained despite his intelligence, and unlike the other gods the player meets, his crown is askew

Flavius invented, among many things, a device to infiltrate someone's mind, a prison that can contain a god, the Aelinet, and many, many more devices. 

He rewards you with Talent Slots and helps you unlock the Ascension Atlas. 

His eyes glow teal, and his Nimbus is thin, simple, and crooked to his right. His body also glows teal, due to him being an Elder God. 

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