Anomaly resonator1

Ether Resonator

Players will locate Ether Resonators inside Hostile Territories , also known as Anomalies. After forming a group inside Tessa Temple, players will enter the portals and defend the Ether Resonators from monsters who also desire the power and resources they provide. Resonators will be visable on the Region map as a blue or red marker. The blue markers means the Resonator is available while the red marker signifies that the Resonator is currently occupied by another group.

Successfully activating a Resonator  provides players with a task to either kill specific enemies or to slay a powerful boss for instant completion. Once the task is complete, players will be presented with the option to either cash out the rewards, or continue, earning even better rewards. Players who are having difficulty completing the tasks may find that their Tactical Sense attribute is too low and should attempt to increase it prior to joining any more groups of that level. 

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