Esten Quarry

Number of players: 24

Number of players in team: 12 

Game mode: CTF -Capture the Flag

Currently the biggest PvP location in beta. Up to 12 people in each team. The task seems simple: to capture and carry the enemy flag to your home base. However, due to the large teams and complicated map, the battles are always unpredictable, if you want to win you need to think outside the box and use strong tactics and teamwork.

There are several ways to get to the enemy base: you can use upper and lower approaches or the workaround. You can also try your luck on the special springboards, moving you quickly to your objective, possibly landing you right in the hands of your enemies however. Don’t forget to assign roles and follow a planned strategy: the player that captures the flag needs cover and support from his allies to get to the home base. You won't get very far on your own.

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