Skyforge Eskenian Penisula near Caves
After repelling a demon invasion from portals of unknown origin, the god Aeli sealed the portals and ordered the construction of  a Temple complex designed to keep the portals closed. Centuries passed and Aelion's god had since disappeared. Eventually the descendants could no longer accurately recall the purpose of the temple and their duties, passed to them through the generations, no longer seemed important. This left the temple weakened and vulnerable. With the magic no longer protecting the portals from invasion, Eskenian was assaulted by the Phytontide. Although successfully driven back, the seals had weakened even further. 

Unaware of the true nature of the temple, the residents of Aelion began to return to the temple wishing to honor the legacy of the god Aeli and pay homage to his accomplishments. These Pilgrims founded a settlement near Diomane Ocean and it is there that the residents brought back the old traditions including ancient rituals and the prayers of their ancestors. Researchers, attracted to these activities, desired to restore the knowledge that had been long forgotten. 

The seals continued to weaken however and eventually gave way. Swarms of creatures poured into the temple. The Phytonide remaining in the peninsula were awakened from their dormant sleep by the swarms and attacked anyone attempting to flee. The residents have called out to the immortals for help and have taken refuge in the labyrinths awaiting rescue. 

Objectives and Rewards (first time completion)

Eskenian Peninsula - 1/100% Particles of Master

Problems of Pilgrims 0/19 Sparks of Destruction

The Demon Threat 0/19 Sparks of Balance

Ancestral Legacy 0/16 Sparks of Creation

Aeli's Caves 0/9 Spark Replicators

Mob Types



Dryad Scarab




Skyforge - Expedition to Eskenian Peninsula

Skyforge - Expedition to Eskenian Peninsula

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