In every army there are certain members of that army that perform certain functions. The armies invading Aelion are no different and Immortals are provided with a way to quickly identify the type of threat that these enemies pose.

Pack[edit | edit source]

link The Pack type enemy is identified by its icon of three diamonds closely together. These enemies are very frail in terms of health, but can quickly overwhelm an Immortal. These enemies should always be dealt with first as they tend to deal the most damage of all enemy types.

Thug[edit | edit source]

Rogue.png The Thug type enemy is identified by its icon of a sword. These enemies are stronger than the Pack type enemies in terms of health and deal much more damage than other types of enemies.

Enchanter[edit | edit source]

Control a.png The Enchanter type enemy is identified by its icon of a pyramid with an eye. This type of enemy normally comes with abilities that debilitate Immortals or that buff, protect, and even heal their allies. Some are also able to summon more enemies.

Summoned mob[edit | edit source]

An enemy summoned by an enchanter will have a single red skull next to their name. Their abilities may vary.

Crusher[edit | edit source]

Tank.png The Crusher type enemy is identified by its icon of a Shield. These enemies tend to have more health than the other enemy types as well as having abilities that apply controlling effects to an Immortal such as fear or knockdowns.

Boss[edit | edit source]

Boss.png The Boss type enemy is identified by its icon of a skull surrounded by a red and black star. These unique enemies are much stronger than the other enemy types. They require attention to detail as well as good strategy to defeat.

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