Dankit Island 1

Dankit Island

Dankit Island, a place that has long been dwelled by evil. A Vird hideout was discovered here a while ago. They are rat-like creatures, who arrived at Aelion with one of the invasions. Here and there are huge holes in the ground and those disgusting Vird inhabit them.The air smells like rot. What could it possibly mean? The Scavengers are here. Together with the Vird, the bloodthirsty Scavengers serve the great god Thanatos, who has been trying to make mischief at Aelion. Players must face their leader and save Dankit Island from the evil!

Quest linesEdit

Extermination of Virds Edit

  • Vird Elimination The island is occupied by Virds. They set up a camp right in the center of it. Perhaps, it's where they are preparing their attacks on the settlements. We must try and reduce their population. It will undermine their morale and stop their attacks for a time at least.
    • Objective: Eliminate the Virds
    • Reward: ?× / 6×
  • Ghostly Lights Ghostly night lights twinkle at the island. These lights are torches placed by the Virds around their camp. They are preparing for some ritual. You must stop them at any cost.
    • Objective: Extinguish ritual torches (5)
    • Reward: ?× / 6×
  • Dangerous Creatures Misfortune never comes alone. Virds brought reinforcements, filthy Carrions. These stinking creatures are stronger and more dangerous than their smaller congeners. We must eliminate these pests before there are too many of them.
    • Objective: Eliminate the Carrions
    • Reward: ?× / 6×
  • Burrows Destruction Vird burrows are all over the island. Maybe that's how they leave their lair to carry out raids. No one knows how deep and how far these burrows go. We only know that Virds almost never move great distances on the surface. If we seal their burrows, they will be trapped on this island. They will have nowhere to go.
    • Objective: Destroy the Vird burrows (4)
    • Reward: ?× / 6×

Lair Edit

  • Probing Action
    • Objective: Talk to the scout » Find the Vird lair » Find and eliminate Carrion Leader Bloodthirsty Shaaz
    • Reward: ?×, 1 equipment / 6×, 1 equipment

  • Threat Eliminated
    • Objective: Return to the scout
    • Reward:


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