Dankit Island 1

Dankit Island

Dankit Island, a place that has long been dwelled by evil. A Virth hideout was discovered here a while ago. They are rat-like creatures, who arrived at Aelion with one of the invasions. Here and there are huge holes in the ground and those disgusting Virth inhabit them.The air smells like rot. What could it possibly mean? The Scavengers are here. Together with the Virth, the bloodthirsty Scavengers serve the great god Thanatos, who has been trying to make mischief at Aelion. Players must face their leader and save Dankit Island from the evil!


Probing Action

  • Talk to Scout
  • Find the Vird Lair
  • Eliminate Bloodthirsty Shaaz
  • Return To Scout

Extermination Of Virds

  • Vird Elimination - Exterminate the Virds
  • Ghostly Lights - Extinguish Ritual Torches
  • Dangerous Creatures - Eliminate the Carrions
  • Burrow Destruction - Destriy the Vird Burrows


  • Sparks of Destruction - x30 - Obtained upon completing the region the first time.
  • Sparks of Transformation - x30
    • Probing Action - x6
    • Vird Elimination - x6
    • Ghostly Lights - x6
    • Dangerous Creatures - x6
    • Burrow Destruction - x6
  • Equipment x1 - Upon defeating Bloodthirsty Shaaz
  • Particles of Mastery - x7


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