Role: Rogue Damage

A cryomancer utilize their advanced cryogenerator to compress and freeze the air around them, turning it into powerful beams of ice. Keeping a safe distance in a fight, they're capable of slowing down or immobilizing opponents by freezing them solid.

The cryomancer is a great choice for those who prefer action to standing still, appreciate tactical manoeuvres, and seek to control their enemies' actions.


The Cryomancer's weapon is a cryogenerator which consists of two parts, a Crystal and an Icy Frame.

Crystal Edit

The crystal is the offensive part of the cryogenerator. Higher levels of the crystal gives more might, thus increases the damage output of the cryomancer. Non-common versions can have effects which boosts certain attacks, or may allow for more rapid generation of cryogen. The type of crystal also has an impact on how the cryogenerator looks. The crystal is placed in the main weapon slot.

Icy frame Edit

Surrounding the crystal is the icy frame. Where the crystal adds might, the icy frame adds stamina, and can in that regard be seen as the defensive part of the cryogenerator. The non-common version have effects which boosts certain abilities. The icy frame is placed in the additional weapon slot.

Abilities & TalentsEdit

Icon Name
CryonicPulse Cryonic Pulse
CryonicPulse Shattered Storm
CryonicPulse Freezing Gale
IcyMissile Icy Missile
IcyMissile Icy Thorn
IcyMissile Icy Dart
GlacialFangs Glacial Fangs
IcyBeam Icy Beam
Snowball Snowball
IcyComet Icy Comet
IceStatue Ice Statue
CrystalShield Crystal Shield
Cryobeam Cryobeam
Cryotrap Cryotrap
Stasis Stasis
JaggedIce Jagged Ice
Snowstorm Snowstorm
Snowstorm Whiteout
Slide Slide
Simplified Cryomancer Ultimate
FrostShackles Frost Shackles
Simplified Cryomancer Finisher
NorthernBreeze Northern Breeze
Icon Name
IcyComet Avalanche
Blizzard Blizzard
Gust Gust
Cryobeam Cryocharge
NorthernBreeze Supercooling
IceStatue Ice Mantle
Stasis Cryonica
CryonicPulse Exhaustion
HeartofIce Heart of Ice
IcyMissile Icy Blade
Icon Name
Slide Slide
Snowstorm Frostbite
CrystalShield Shivers
IcyBeam Master Freezer
Cryotrap Northern Gift
GlacialFangs Severe Frost
IncreasesSpeed01 Slalom
Snowball Hoarfrost
IcyMissile Frost Rage
CrystalShield Cold Veil



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