"Wardens of Elements are the mighty incarnations of nature's powers and the most ancient inhabitants of Aelion. Sometimes they come to your aid, but mostly they are far from friendly."

This squad adventure is inhabited by the Army of Elements. To complete this zone, players will need to shut down the Altars of Water, defeating the mobs surrounding them in order to gain access. There are two bosses in this zone, Numbus and Ignis.Ignis can be found in the center of the platform, and Nimus is near the third alter. Defeat the bosses to complete the adventure. 


Nimbus Great Warden of Water, Army of Elements

Creates a cloud that periodically chases the enemy and deals considerable damage. Ranged ability.
Cooldown: 20 seconds.
Approaches the target and launches a crushing wave that knocks down the enemies within a 7 yard radius and deals enhanced damage. Ranged ability.
Cooldown: 10 seconds.
Basic attack
Inflicts damage. Ranged ability.
Cooldown: 2 seconds.

Ignis Great Warden of Fire, Army of Elements

Flaming Mines
Creates an series of fire blobs around the enemy that explode after a time, inflicting significant damage in the area of effect. Ranged ability.
Frequency: 10 seconds.
Ring Of Fire
Rushes towards the target and summons a ring of fire with a radius of 8 yards. All enemies in the area of effect take increased damage. Ranged ability.
Frequency: 30 seconds.
Summoned Sparks
Creates several minor Wardens of Fire that flare up occasionally, inflicting damage to all enemies nearby. Ranged ability.
Frequency: 25 seconds.
Basic attack
Inflicts damage. Melee ability.
Frequency: 3 seconds.



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