Credits are Aelion's unified currency, used by both gods and mortals. Credits can be obtained in a number of ways which include:

  • Completing Special Adventures
  • Opening Bags of Equipment
  • Completing Tutorials
  • Completing Areas for the first time
  • Collecting Trophies from enemies
  • Selling items on the Market
  • Exchanging Argents for Credits

Credit LimitEdit

The credit limit is the maximum amount of credits that a single Immortal can earn per weekly reset. The following items will subtract from the total credit limit for the week:

Once an Immortal has depleted their Credits Limit for the week, they will no longer receive any of the above listed rewards and they will begin to receive the following:

Trivia Edit

  • The icon used for credits is referenced in the in game files as Signatum, which explains the "S"-style symbol on them.
  • The weekly credit limit is 750,000. With optimal farming this can yield up to 1,387,500 credits per week.
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