Closed beta testing occurred before Skyforge opened into open beta or public release. Skyforge's first round of closed beta testing started on March 11 (2015) and stopped March 17 (2015). During this time a limited amount of players could access Skyforge though one of two methods. They needed to either be invited in or purchase a founder's pack. If they were invited they would have received a beta code they could have used to download and get into the game. By buying a founder's pack players would have been automatically permitted to download and hop into the game (no code required).

Important Closed Beta Testing Dates:

  • March 11th to March 17th (2015) - First round of closed beta testing.
  • March 18th to March 21st (2015) - Intermission, servers are down.
  • March 22nd to March 28th (2015) - Second round of closed beta testing.
  • April 22nd to May 13th (2015) - Third round of closed beta testing.
  • June 23rd to June 30th (2015) - Forth and final round of closed beta testing.
  • Open beta began on July 16th with an early access to open beta for founders starting on July 9th.