Character is a screen that is accessed by by pressing "I" (as in Information) on your keyboard from any screen or by pressing ESC from your main game window. This screen includes basic information for your character, seperated by tabs. 

Abilities (for specific abilities see Classes )

This is the abilities of the player character in the current class. This is also where talents and symbols are selected. Players are not allow to swap out abilites with a complete reset of talents as well, This has a fee that is paid with Sparks of Transformation

Bag (inventory in some mmos)

This is where the items that players collect is kept. There is no "bank" in Skyforge but thankfully there is not really a crafting system or excessing trash loot either, so breaking down unused equipment generally is enough to keep up with bag space. Bag space can be expanded up to 120 slots and the fee is paid in credits


This is where players will replace weapons, rings, trophies and amulets . It is also where players will be able to upgrade the ranks of each of these items. Players can click on each available class to the left, to see what is available on that class, and can equip weapon upgrades without swapping classes. To change amulets to a specific class (not sure about trophies as of yet) the players will need to change to that class, come back to this screen and equip them to save it. It is suggested to come to this screen and replace items when they are recieved for each available class as the player receives them (via loot or other means) to free up bag space. 

Style Room

This is where the players can change their characters costumes . This includes their clothing, earrings, headwear, masks, glasses and tattoos. If players wish to change their characters appearance in any way, they will need to visit Quinta the stylist who resides in the Research Center at the Capital of Aelion. 


This tab shows players currency items and what they are used for. It also shows the weekly limits and what is still available in those limits. For specific currency information, click on the Currency link . 


This screen is where players will see their character specific stats, Ascension Atlas completion, class development progress, Order ranking and progress as well as a list of completed story lines. 

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