Category for all class abilities that has an area of effect (AoE). This includes:

  • Point blank area of effect (PBAoE) - the character using the ability is the anchor for the effect and the effect is a 360 degree area around with varying radius.
  • Target area of effect (TAoE) - same as above except the anchor is the current target of the character.
  • Ground target area of effect (GTAoE) - same as above, except the anchor for the effect is a point on the ground. In Skyforge this will usually be right in front of the character.
  • Cone - The character is again the anchor, but instead of a 360 degree effect, it will be in a limited part of the field of view of the caster, typically 90 degrees.
  • Column or line - with the character as an anchor, the ability travels in a line with a certain width, adding it's effect to targets along the path or leaving a residue on the ground.
  • Chain - uses the target as an anchor, and can from there jump/move to other targets.

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