• Adjoint

    Good morning.

    I sent a message to wikia staff about skyforge administration.

    Link :

    They told me that I need to make a blog before I make the request.

    I really don't have loads of free time but I am willing to contribute as much as I can.

    The official link about adoption is here :

    Please your comments incase you agree or not.

    Thank you very much.

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  • Adjoint

    Outdated Guides

    February 29, 2016 by Adjoint

    I had a look at guides for Skyforge and most of them (not to to say all) are outdated or not complete. Unfortunately it isn't only my opinion. Several people in my guild who play 5-6 months say the same.

    Let's try to make some good ones so we can help ppl have fun in game. I am talkign about class, beginner , order , progress one etc.

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  • Pinkachu

    Aelion's Call

    September 13, 2015 by Pinkachu

    Aelion's Call is the second major update for the NA version of Skyforge.

    This update includes

    Operation Medea - 10 man Raid

    This raid will feature the Army of the Mechanoid and the Phytonides Army as players explore a crashed ship that had crash landed on Aelion's surface during a failed invasion. The Mechanoid have since reactivated and the ship has been overgrown by the Phytonides.

    Catch-Up System

    This system has been added to assist low prestige players who have either just started playing, or have returned to the game. The system allows for faster progression through promo adventures allowing players to progress at a faster rate. As players grow higher in prestige, the system will decrease the rewards resulting in a small gap between them a…

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  • Nordavind

    do not capitalize common nouns when they are in the middle of a sentence, even if they are a link or have a page.

    There is something strange going on in the land of Aelion. Upper case letters, or capital letters if you will, roam the lands and terrorize readability. The disease seems to affect common nouns, making their first letter into ghastly monstrosities mid sentence.

    Take a look at this page at Wikipedia about weapons:

    • There is no capitalization of every instance of the word weapon(s), unless first in a sentence or used as a proper noun, like for the film from 2007.
    • There is no capitalization of mid sentence links. Hunting has a own page, and the page name starts with a capital letter, but the link …

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  • Strikezam

    please post your item dump here - will update to wiki

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  • Pinkachu

    Hello Immortals!

    Today the Allods Team, Obsidian Entertainment and announced the first major update to Skyforge named "Crucible of the Gods". This update will arrive in Aelion on August 11th, 2015. It will include bug fixes, new content and feature enhancements. For all of you striving to become Gods, comes even more awesome news. The ability to unlock Divine Form! Players will need to complete a storyline quest called "New God" that becomes available around 30.5K Prestige. This will allow players to access high-end activites including Invasions and Raids.

    To read all the lucious details in all their divine glory, check out the news article featured on the Official Skyforge website!

    Crucible of the Gods

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  • Ssssfire52

    Hey, so I've noticed around the wiki there are some pictures here and there that are very low quality.  The ones you can tell that were gotten from a cropping a screen shot.  In this blog I would like to show you how to get images directly from the game files.  This gives you the default images and maximum resolution on a transparent background so you won't have to mess around with trying the crop it perfectly.  This will mainly be used for icons as they are saved in a format you can easily acess.  You can probably crack into the bin files for a whole plethera of goodies, but that's much more advanced and I don't want to mess with that for now.

    For this you're going to need a program that can open .tga files.  These are images files, but th…

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