Role: Rogue Damage

Fueled by rage, a berserker can easily sweep aside hordes of enemies in their path with their fiery chainblade. During heated battles, they're capable of mending some of their wounds while striking terror into the hearts of nearby foes and inspiring allies.



The Chainsword is the main weapon of the Berserker.

Jagged ChainEdit

Via the additional weapon slot the Berserker can fit a Jagged Chain to his chainsword.

Abilities and TalentsEdit

Icon Name
MightyStrike Mighty Strike
BasicAttack02 (berzerker) Violent Strike
BasicAttack02 (berzerker) Merciless Strike
BarbaricSaw Crushing Throw
ShoulderHit Fast Attack
Cleave Dissection
RandomAttack Fracture
DestructiveAttack Destructive Attack
SeismicSlam Destructive Strike
SeismicSlam Destructive Wave
Whirlwind Whirlwind
Tornado Tornado
Firestorm Firestorm
WIld Leap Wild Leap
Furious Leap Furious Leap
Tectonic Blast Tectonic Blast
Flash of Rage Flash of Rage
Thundering Roar Thundering Roar
Battle Frenzy Battle Frenzy
Uncontrollable Rage Uncontrollable Rage
Thirst for Battle Thirst for Battle
Gladiator Gladiator
Spell Monster Hunter
Icon Name
Tornado Tempest Fury
FireWhirlwind Firm Grip
BasicAttack (Berserzer) Experienced Fighter
Agony Wounded Beast
BasicAttack02 (berzerker) Shield Destroyer
Berserk Battle Rage
SeismicSlam Cutter
Surviving Instincts Tenacity
Waves of Holiness Vehemence
FreedomRally Battle Cry
Icon Name
Impatience Unrestrained Power
Leap Equanimity
Defence Desire for Revenge
Revenge Impact
RousingShout Call of Rage
ShoulderHit Power Trick
Slam Crusher
SeismicSlam Pain Shock
Surviving Instincts Battle Fury
Terrifying Shout Chilling Dread



SKYFORGE Operation Isabella (pantheon orishas) - berzerk

SKYFORGE Operation Isabella (pantheon orishas) - berzerk

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