The residents of the nearby village are scared out of their minds - the Mantides have occupied the area. Save whoever you can and clear the area of the invaders!

After entering the adventures, players will talk to Auredicus. He states that when they were running for their lives (from the village) they locked the gate behind themselves. Believing he is the only survivor left, he lets players know they will need to find the key on the body of Decit to continue into the village. There are several bodies scattered in the nearby area. Players will need to check them until the key is located. There are a few scattered mobs with X4 healthbars that can be carefully avoided if preferred.

Once through the gate, players will need to locate three sets of eggs guarded by Mantides. They are generally in a small covered area next to a house and are marked with a yellow target icon. After locating the eggs (and possibly eliminating a majority of the mantides in the area) players will be able to open the gate to the lighthouse. There are a few more scattered groups here as well as the only boss in the adventure.


  • Find the gate key on one of the dead bodies.
  • Unlock the gates.
  • Destroy the eggs in the village 0/3.
  • Investigate the lighthouse.
  • Eliminate the Queen.


It appears the creatures in this adventure do not have their finalized names

  • Aswang
  • Winger
  • Bloodsucker
  •  ??? Type - Has a powerful line attack from its front.
  • Poisoner
  •  ??? Type - Puts down large patches of poison that deal damage as long as they are stood upon. Explodes upon death creating another large patch of poison.
  • Overseer
  •  ??? Type - Summons wingers throughout the encounter.


  • Vengeful Orista
  • The Queen is a simple fight with very few mechanics. The Queen will throw down patches of poison that deal damage over time if stood upon. She will occasionally pause to activate eggs around the fighting area. Once activated, these eggs must quickly be destroyed or they will summon several adds.


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