Like all the remnants, Demons have been trying to gain a footing on Aelion and turn our nature into an environment suitable for their kind. We cannot let that happen.


  • Get to the Ruins
  • Find the unknown demonic object


Players will start down a long path with a variety of Imps types, mostly minion/weak. As they approach the ruins, players will encounter the first Aggressor Stalker, a X4 mob that will channel a charge and continuously do damage. The charge is best avoided as it can do significant damage. The Stalker will turn purple as it prepares the charge, so it is easy to recognize. Demons in the area are using 'obelisks' to summon more of their kind. Players will be instructed by the Argus system to shut them down as they come across them throughout the adventure. The first two bosses are together. Tirgh'azal will heal Sar'Gul so it is suggested to take him out first. Sar'Gul summons Imps, two at a time, through the fight but they have little health and are best taken out quickly before she summons more. She appears to do little damage on her own.

After that fight, players will have two more X4 Aggressor Stalkers and various mobs to eliminate before reaching the next area in the ruins. Once through the first archway, there will be more various mobs and another X4 Aggressor Stalker as well as another obelisk to shut down, Near the second archway, there will be multiple mobs in a single group that will need to be eliminated. 

Once through the second archway, players will see the quest location for "find the unknown demonic object'. Going inside the circle will summon the last boss. He will cast a green abyssal flame at players which they should move out of. He has a strong attack that will disorient players if it hits them and at approximately X5 heath, he will use a Death Ray on players. This is ground targeted but moves very quickly and does substantial damage. 


Sar'Gul (Scout Strategist)

Summons Imps to its aid

Tirgh'azal (Aggressor)

Partially restores the hit points of a friendly target.

Kros'ten (Octhulhu)

Abyssal Flame
Creates a fiery area at an enemy's position that deals considerable damage.
Affects the area around itself, knocking back enemies and disorienting them for a while.
Death Ray
Attacks an enemy's position with an energy beam for a certain time. If the ray hits the abyssal flame, Kros'ten stops attacking and gets stunned for a while.



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